Here’s the sitch, viewing several. As you may have noticed, the update has not gone up last week. This is due to Amy being out sick with a very nasty stomach flu for two weeks, and she has only begun to recover this weekend. Upon this, she has been diligently working on the page.

Unfortunately, the tech issues that plagued her in the past has returned. As she was putting the finishing touches on today’s page, she went to import the last thing she had to do: a big, extremely complex background she had been working on for months in preparation.

Photoshop, however, laughed in her face, and displayed the pretty background as… nothing. A long night was spent trying to circumvent this issue, before she finally decided that the only thing left to do is to redo the whole thing.

So there will be another temporary delay as she whips up a less-pretty version of the same thing. The page will go up as soon as this is finished.

We’re very, very sorry, folks. We hope this is the last delay to plague us. There will be bonus artwork produced this week as a peace offering.